Trying to stay upright

Pr. 4:13:  “Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go; keep her, for she is your life.”

Reading this verse today made me laugh.  I instantly saw myself holding onto the wall, trying not to fall.

Yes, I’m clumsy.  4 weeks ago I fractured my shin and have not been able to put any weight on my leg.  It has been interesting, to say the least, to do normal activities while balanced on 1 leg.  I rely heavily on walls, handles, furniture, other people, and my precarious sense of balance to keep me upright.

There have been several times when I have almost fallen.  During those times, I reach out for the nearest thing to keep me from falling and getting hurt.  I have taken firm hold of more than one handle.  I have firmly grasped at the wall more times than I can say in an effort to keep from landing on my face.  (or on my already broken leg)

Literally, I take firm hold of those stable things to save myself from destruction.

We are told in this verse to take firm hold of instruction, for she is our life.  God doesn’t give us rules and instructions because He’s some mean tyrant who wants us to be miserable.  He gives us instructions to save our lives, and to help us lives our lives be a bit less painful.

He says don’t lie because if you lie to your boss, you will be fired.  Also, if you are caught lying some people will never believe you even if you’re speaking the truth.  He says don’t commit adultery because if you do you will rip your family apart.  Your spouse will be devastated and your children’s family will be broken.

He tells us to care for our bodies (His temple) because drugs, alcohol, and gluttonous eating will wreak havoc on our insides and cause terrible damage to our health and our ability to function at our fullest potential.

There are many things that are of eternal significance in His instructions, as well.  Sometimes, while we know them, we kinda brush them off as last resort types of things.  I’m telling you from experience though, when you are falling, you need something firm to grab onto…and Fast!

Good intentions are not enough to keep us from falling and getting hurt.  We need a reason to live.  We need something to make us fight to stay upright.  We need instruction to give us the stability to carry on with our lives…the way God meant us to live them.

We will still get hurt once in a while, but when we are fighting for our life, or the eternal life of someone else, the firm grip we have on those instructions will be the difference between irreparable damage and merciful salvation.

Take firm hold of instruction.  This balancing act of life offers little support, but God is always there stable and faithful to keep us upright.

Relying on His strength,



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