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Are you seeking wise counsel?

Pr. 1:5:  “A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel.”

We know that we must increase learning.  We’ve talked about how we should make time to saturate ourselves in God’s Word.  He has given us so much in His pure, proven, powerful Word.  We can never get too much.

How about attaining wise counsel?  Are we simply reading the Word or are we allowing the Lord’s Word to direct us?  Before making a decision, do we ask ourselves what the Word says about it?

Are we also listening to those whose priority is the Lord and His will?

It is natural to listen to the opinions and suggestions of those around us.  It can be a very good thing.  However, we must guard ourselves and be very careful about which counsel we are allowing to guide us.  We must keep in mind the trajectory of our lives and our final goal.

There are many who focus on and teach about earthly gain, earthly wisdom, earthly perfection, and other earthly priorities.  While it is fine to have many types of acquaintances, I encourage you to be cautious about which one’s you allow to guide your understanding and your decisions.

Find a mentor in the Lord.  Find someone who can teach you more about God.  Find someone who’s life points to the Lord.  Find someone whose priorities are heavenly things.  Find someone with faith like you’ve never seen.

Be aware; however, that your loyalty is always 1st to the Lord.  Humans are imperfect at their very best.  It is wise to find wise counsel, it is wise to swim against the current of our society, and it is wise to let the Lord’s opinion have the final say.

Rejoicing in this day He has made!