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Traditional prayer journal

I gave you the why’s for praying journaling in my last blog Prayer Journaling 101.  Now, let’s get to the how.

Let’s start with what I think of as the “traditional” prayer journal.  I put it in quotes because there is no formula that must be followed for this, but in this type of journal, you just write your prayers. 

Although I pray all throughout the day, I find that it also helps me to set aside some time for focused prayer.  That’s where my prayer journal comes in handy.  I find that my written prayers tend to feel more sincere and focused, because my attention does not become as easily distracted.

I also like the language I use when I write a little more than the informal language I use when I speak, so when I really want to give God my personal best, I write.

This type of journal is also where you might want to write how you are feeling and then pray about it.  Perhaps you are feeling joyful and full of praise.  Write out your praises and leave that proof of His faithfulness for the next time you need to be reminded that He still answers prayers.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, He already knows it.  Talk to Him about it.  When He created Adam and Eve, He came down in the cool of the day to talk with them.  He wants fellowship with us.  He has also invited us to come boldly to His throne of grace in our time of need.  It’s ok to tell Him things.  Write it out in your prayer journal and watch Him come to your rescue!  He will.

Sometimes, even as I’m writing, I can feel God’s Holy Spirit…the Comforter…come upon me, bringing me peace, and speaking comfort to me.  If you have your prayer journal, you can write down the things you feel God speak to your heart as He speaks them.  What beautiful records to have for later reference, as well.  🙂

To the left, is a record of a night when I was feeling down, but had gone to the altar at church and the Lord spoke to me through a Pastor and lifted me up.  I remember that service and I’m so glad I have it recorded as a reminder that my God is faithful!  I wrote it down and praised the Lord through prayer in my journal.  He deserved honor for what He had done for me.  I wanted it to be known!  When my kids read through that one day, they will see His faithfulness at work and know that I was grateful!

Prayer journals are also an excellent place to record prayer requests.  How many people have you told that you will be praying for them?  Have you been?  You can write their names down and come back to them daily or weekly and pray for them.  You can also leave a record and remind others as you watch God answer those prayers.

I hope that you are feeling encouraged to begin a prayer journal.  They aren’t anything fancy.  Just a way to keep our ever-distracted minds focused as we pray, and a beautiful record of God’s faithfulness, love, and provision.

Next time, I will share a few of my less traditional journal pages.  They’re different, but have been helpful during different seasons of my soul.

Grab your journal and pen.  It’s time to start writing!


Next blog:  Scripture/Prayer Journal and Art Prayer Journals


How to bless your children

Pr. 20:7:  “The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him.”

I witnessed an amazing baptism yesterday that was a testimony to this verse.

Several years ago, a man stood at the funeral of one of his friends and gave his life to the Lord.  This “good ol’ boy” turned his back on adultery, alcoholism, you name it.  Since the day God changed his heart, his life has not been the same.  I’m proud to say he has been an active member of my church ever since.

His aims in life are to love and take care of the weak and helpless, and to tell everyone about the Lord and the Lord’s faithfulness.  He lives his life in complete faith, trusting God for his every need.  Honestly, watching his life is like watching the verses in the Bible about true faith come to life.  A 5-minute conversation with this man is really all it takes to hear about some amazing provision he has witnessed or experienced.  He is full of praise.

He is not alone is this walk.  His wife is ever by his side, supporting, praying, believing, and loving.  She is truly beautiful.  She loves the Lord her God with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength.  I can honestly say that her adornment is the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.  This couple invests their lives into everyone around them.  They walk in their integrity.

Yesterday, one of their sons was baptized along with his wife and his own young son.  3 generations now declaring that their lives belong to the Lord!  Did this happen by accident?  Not a chance.

As I watched this man’s young family declare their submission to Christ, I was caught up in the beauty of the testimony of their choices.  Had that father/grandfather not changed his life and begun to walk in his integrity and love of the Lord, who knows where that young family would have been yesterday.  Certainly God can save anyone at anytime; however, the choices of the parents of this young man doubtless pointed him and his family toward the cross.  Praise God!

As proven in this man’s life, if you are walking in your integrity with the Lord, your children will be blessed.  It is clear that this man’s children, and grandchildren have been blessed by his choices.  Maybe you don’t even have children or grandchildren.  Even if the generation behind you isn’t your flesh and blood, there are generations coming after us all.  If you’re invested into any young person’s life, your influence carries weight.

Where do your footprints lead?  Are you pointing others to Christ?  They may not even be born yet, but those who follow are counting on you.  One day you may have children and grandchildren.  Where will you have led them?  In whom will you have taught them to place their hope, trust, and faith?  Will your life and your choices cause them to be blessed?





And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? Ro. 10:14

Ro. 10:15:  “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” 

There are still some on this earth who have not heard of Jesus.  There are others who have heard of a different kind of Jesus than the One who loved His children so much that He willingly came to this earth, took on our sins, and died on the cross for our salvation.  Some have heard of a Jesus who demands perfection and shuns those who do not conform to religious practices.

2 nights ago I sat around a table with a group of people who preach the Word through love.  They live the gospel and it is evident in their lives.  They do not go out and slap people with a Bible or remind people of their imperfections and sins.  They are ordinary people who simply show the love of Jesus through their actions, pray, and humbly offer the Word through lives of integrity.

They bring glad tidings of good things to those they serve, and indeed their feet are beautiful.  I know about their feet because I have not only walked side by side with them, but I can see their footprints.  They are leaving a mark of love on this earth in the name of Jesus Christ.

Recently they gave up several weeks of their lives to work for the Lord.  They touched countless lives, but in particular, they brought the love of Christ to one man.  This man had been shunned by the church.  He was constantly reminded about his imperfections and love was no longer being offered to him by his brothers and sisters in Christ.

My friends went to help him with some physical work, but what they gave him in the end was the true love of Christ.  They offered him a Savior that loves us as we are.  They reminded him of a Savior who died for us “while we were yet sinners.”  These servants also reminded the people of the church and the community that the love of Jesus is for everyone and that it was not their right to withhold it from someone they deem unworthy.

Not one of us is without sin.  Not one of us is worthy of salvation.  That is why we have a Savior.  Our Savior came to cover us with His blood so they we could be counted worthy.  Praise God!!

You may not be able to always reach those who have never heard of Jesus, although I hope you look for opportunities to witness.  However, most of us know people who are hurting, and those who live in constant condemnation. How shall they believe in a God who loves unconditionally unless they have heard?  Maybe today is the day when you can introduce someone to the real Jesus Christ.  Maybe today you can humbly share what the love of God truly looks like.  Maybe today you can bring some refreshing and much-needed glad tidings.  🙂

People need a Savior.  Introduce them to yours today.

Let’s leave some beautiful footprints,