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Pr. 27:14:  “He who blesses his friend with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, it will be counted a curse to him.” 

I’ve always been a ‘morning person.’  I have no problem being loud first thing in the morning.  I used to walk in to work having already been up for 2 1/2 hours, so I was peppy, singing, etc.  Not everyone appreciated that, though.  ha!  We’re all wired differently.

This verse is talking more about “blessing” someone for the sake of others.  It speaks to making a show of blessing or praising someone, so that all will not look at that person, but rather at you.  As if you’re saying to everyone else, “Please listen to me as I praise this person!  I am 1st in line.  I am so eloquent.  I am compassionate and wise.  I am a wonderful human being.”

If that is the intention of the praise, then has the recipient truly been blessed?  Nah.  The one who we claim to be blessing will probably understand the true motive and therefore count it as a curse.

We should bless those around us, but not so that we can receive the credit or attention.  Instead it should be from a heart of true thanksgiving, understanding, and gratitude.  It should be for the other person’s sake, and not our own.

Look for a reason to bless someone.  We all need that.  But make sure that it’s not done so that you are actually the one receiving the praise.

Trying to whisper,






The excellence of wisdom

I love Proverbs 8.  I love hearing about wisdom being with The Lord from the beginning of His way, and as He created the earth.  I love the reminder that He is the one that assigned the sea its limit, and not a fallible man.  I love that He had wisdom as His master craftsman as He created all things.  It is evident in the perfect design of a woodpecker, the perfect distance of the earth from the sun, the perfectly designed growth of a baby in its mother’s womb.  It’s also amazing that any of us, if we diligently seek wisdom, can find it, as well.  What a gift!

We can’t gain wisdom if we cling to pride.  Wisdom hates pride and arrogance as much as it hates evil.  That’s pretty powerful.  Only humbling ourselves before The Lord and trusting Him fully to guide us, supply our needs, keep us from evil, take care of our vengeance, and to sustain our lives can truly rid us of our pride.  Only truly accepting that we can do nothing without God, rids us of our arrogance.

Only You, Lord, can help us.  Fill us with Your wisdom, and not our own.  Help us to surrender to You again today, for our daily bread.