I’ve been consenting with sinners

Pr. 1:10:  “My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent.”

It’s confession time for me.  I’ve been enticed and I have consented.

We have had Netflix for a long time.  I usually watch fun, innocent things like The Great British Baking Show, Nailed It…things like that.  However, when I become very ill in December I got wrapped up in a very non-innocent drama that has every level of sin.

There are parts that are so inappropriate that they have to be fast-forwarded through.  I do that, at least.  That’s my concession.  That’s my justification.  You with me?  I’ve had to turn down the volume around my kids a few times.  (That tells you a lot about the show)

Something interesting about me is that during the month of January I did a 21-day fast where I read the Bible only…no other books.  (reading is my favorite thing and I was already on a very restricted diet)  But still I was watching this show.

Something else is that my husband and I decided in January of this year that in order to help us pay off some student loan debt we were going to cancel our Netflix subscription.  However, when February came around, I was still so wrapped up in this sinful mess of a show that I didn’t want to give it up and I didn’t cancel our subscription to Netflix.  Y’all!  For real.  I’m being completely honest here.

However, this week, I have finally realized I can no longer do this.  I can’t continue to feed my mind and spirit this filth and expect the Lord to be able to produce in my life the good things I truly want.  I’m not sure how I allowed this to happen.  I’m always so careful.  We listen to Christian music always, we never read anything that will fill our minds with sinful thoughts, we don’t hang out in places that will cause unnecessary temptation.  We are careful.  We have boundaries.  And yet I was enticed, and I consented.  And then I was resistant when it came to giving it up.  (That’s the part that bothers me most)

It can happen to any of us at any moment.  We still have to be so careful.  Daily.  On guard.  Just because it’s just a show on Netflix doesn’t mean it’s harmless.  Just because it’s just a fruity drink doesn’t mean it’s harmless.  Just because they’re just a friend doesn’t mean they’re harmless.  There are so many ways we can be enticed.

Learn from my mistake, and keep your guard up, or give up your enticement now.  We can’t afford to be distracted now.  The Day of the Lord is so close and we have work to do.  We have to stay focused and stay in the game.




3 thoughts on “I’ve been consenting with sinners

  1. sonjakkemp

    Bless your heart Jamie! Thank you for having the courage to write this blog. We’ve all been there, but many do not have your testimony of faithful follow through. Why? Because it is so hard to comply (to the to the Lord’s best for us) and so easy to justify (the desires of the flesh). For me, many years ago, long before Netflix, it was novels by a certain author. They were so exciting and had such great plots. But they also had graphic sexual encounters. Even though one can skip the parts and not read them, the tone of the writing is not one that promotes godliness. No, usually the themes promote humanism and the glorification of man doing what he does by luck and his own strength. How long do you read (or watch) such plots without them affecting your thinking? I too, made the decision to never read this author’s books again. And I have stuck to it. It’s not easy, especially when they show up on a bargain book table or reduced price on Kindle, but the Lord has given me the strength to say no and He will help you as well. He’s good like that! I’m so glad God made you… Sonja

    On Fri, Mar 1, 2019 at 5:58 AM considering the word wrote:

    > jamie lopez posted: “Pr. 1:10: “My son, if sinners entice you, do not > consent.” It’s confession time for me. I’ve been enticed and I have > consented. We have had Netflix for a long time. I usually watch fun, > innocent things like The Great British Baking Show, Nailed I” >


    1. jamie lopez Post author

      Awww. Thank you for your sweet words and your encouragement. I’m so glad God cares enough about me to not let me linger in a place of filth. He is good like that, like you said! ❤️



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