I know there’s an answer

Pr. 3:19:  “The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; by understanding He established the heavens”

I have had tendonitis in my toe since June, and it has not gotten any better.  I will note that I did go to the podiatrist at the onset, but have not yet been back.  Yesterday I was looking online a bit for some options that didn’t include a repeat visit to the doctor.  (just in case)

When you begin looking something up online, its amazing to me how you can end your search overwhelmed with a plethora of information.  There is just so much information out there and it quickly begins to conflict.  Oh, and there are so many perfect things you can buy to completely remedy your situation.

So many options, so many conflicting opinions, and so many different feelings those opinions invoke.  By the time I finished my search I felt bleak.  All I could do was sigh.

Then, realizing I was in over my head, I called out to the One who founded the earth with wisdom and established the heavens with understanding.  I was so thankful to know the One who has and is the answer.  It is important that we have a relationship with the Creator, the One who has all wisdom and understanding, so that we can consult Him for the answers we need.

The beauty of His word is that it does not conflict.  His word is consistent and His word is pure.  I can trust that when I call upon the Lord, or open His word, the information I find there will not overwhelm me in a hopeless and helpless way.  It will not leave me feeling bleak and bested.  In fact, the Lord is our peace.  The Lord and His Word are a shield to those who trust in Him and He is a helper in time of need.

If it’s wisdom I seek, then I know the One who gives it generously to those who ask.  I hope you know Him today, as well.

Peace be with you,



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