Establishing your path

Pr. 4:26:  “Ponder the path of your feet, and let your ways be established.” 

I’ve written about paths for 2 days already, and then I come to Pr. 4 and I find 8 verses about paths and ways to go.  I don’t want to be-labor the point, but then again, if it’s in the Word so many times, perhaps we need a lot of reminders.  Over my life, I have found this to be true.  No matter how straight my path has been made, I find myself rubbernecking other paths.

Why do I do that?  Sin.  We live in a fallen world where sin was allowed to enter and now, no matter how much we long to be sinless, we are still sinners.  Jesus came to place our sin under the blood.  That has been done.  He has won the victory.  We have been granted salvation, through His sacrifice.  Until we reach our eternal home; however, we must continue to resist the devil and trust in the Lord.  We still have the ability to make our own choices.

So, here’s the point.  Since we have the ability to choose, we need to strive to establish our ways.  Something that has been established is meant to remain strong and firm, and last a long time.  Churches, governments, constitutions, kingdoms, and treaties are some things that have been established.  We need to deeply consider the paths we are taking and make a decision about the path on which we will remain.  We need to settle the matter in our heart and mind, and stick to it.

We will certainly be tempted.  We will assuredly be faced with other paths almost every day of our lives.  This is why its imperative that we have established our ways.  If we have determined to walk in the ways of the Lord, then even when other paths look inviting, we will be more likely not to place even a toe upon them.  We have to have a game plan to start.  Without a plan settled in our minds, we will certainly be lured down the wrong paths.

I have heard a great saying from my Pastor over the years that is very true.  “Most people don’t plan to ruin their lives, marriage, testimony, relationships, etc.  They just don’t plan not to.”  Establishing our ways means planning Not to take the wrong paths, not just hoping that we won’t.  We need to have the issue settled, through the Word and wisdom from the Lord.  The beautiful truth of the matter is that we don’t have to do it in our own strength.  God has wisdom just waiting for us, and as we saw yesterday (and in James 1:5), He is willing to give it to those who ask.

Jesus died for your salvation.  Knowing the victory over sin and death has been won, wisely map out the path that will lead you to heaven, and plan not to veer from that path.




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