Want your inheritance to be good?

Pr. 28:10:  “Whoever causes the upright to go astray in an evil way, he himself will fall into his own pit; but the blameless will inherit good.”

As Christians, we have been commissioned by Jesus Christ to go into all the world making disciples.  That requires some effort, some commitment, some loyalty to the Lord.  Making disciples requires that we ourselves must be disciples.  If our life doesn’t point to Christ, it is pointing somewhere.

Too often, we think that our actions are isolated to ourselves.  It’s just not true.  We are being watched at all times.  There is someone in each of our lives over which our example holds some sway.  When we choose to walk away from the Lord, others are affected by our choices.  Sometimes we unintentionally steer someone down a path of sin and evil just by our example.  Other times; however, we fall so far from the Lord that we intentionally bring others with us.

The Bible says that if we cause the upright to go astray in an evil way, we ourselves will fall into our own pit.  Not only are others counting on us, but the Lord is counting on us to be the one that brings others to Him.

The Lord rewards those who do His will.  We will inherit good.  Eternal life is waiting on us if we have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Let’s focus on the part where we ourselves are disciples.

How will our life point to Christ, so that we can inherit this good?  Reading, studying, and praying over the Word of God keeps His will and His heart at the forefront of our minds.  Praying and spending time in stillness with the Lord, allows us to get in submission to His will and allows Him to speak to our hearts and minds.  Worshiping and praising the Lord will cause our hearts to fill with awe of Him and cause our mouths to pour forth truth and goodness.

When our relationship with God is vibrant and active, our lives will naturally point others to Him.  Simply abiding in God, and allowing Him bear the fruit in our lives, could be the exact thing that brings salvation to another.

Abiding in Him,


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