What legacy will you leave?

Pr. 3:35:  “The wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the legacy of fools.”

I remember reading this verse 3 months ago, just days after my great-uncle Clifford passed away.  He was 95.  As I read this verse, I felt so grateful as I thought about the inheritance he was receiving and of the legacy he was leaving behind.  He was the patriarch of our family and his passing left a large void in our world.  His life; however, left us peace.

During a time of mourning, we were able to rejoice in the fact that he was welcomed by his Heavenly Father.  He loved and respected the Lord and he left a legacy of faith, loyalty, integrity, and honor.

I recently heard about one young girl who has now given her heart to the Lord based on the life my great-uncle lived.  This happened after his passing.  He left such a legacy of faith behind him that even after he was gone lives were still being touched.  Not only did Uncle Clifford inherit glory, but he lived in a way that will ensure the same for others.

What will be your legacy?  What will be mine?  We do not know which moment will be our last.  The example we’re setting now is the one that matters.  What we do matters.  Our decisions are not isolated to ourselves.  We may only be thinking of our own eternal inheritance when we’re making decisions, but the truth is our decisions are affecting others now and will be the legacy we leave behind.

Our lives could be the ones that cause others to choose Jesus even after we’re gone, or they could be the ones that continue to keep people from Him.  Is there anything we need to change?  Don’t wait.  Let’s do it today!

Seeking wisdom,



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