Have a message that needs delivered?

Pr. 26:6:  “He who sends a message by the hand of a fool cuts off his own feet and drinks violence.”

Have you ever sent a message with someone only to have it end in chaos or be completely undelivered?  I’ve experienced this.  I have allowed others to handle issues for me in the past and the result was complete chaos, sometimes even changing the course of my life.  Misunderstandings are often made even worse when allowed to be handled by 3rd parties.  True communication between 2 people is nearly impossible if they are not speaking directly.

I noticed in 1 Cor. 16:21 that Paul finished his letter to the Corinthians noting that it was in his own hand.  He wanted to ensure that they knew he was taking ownership for his words and that the words they were reading were the truth straight from him and not from the interpretation of another.  It’s important that we know the truth of a matter before we accept it as truth.

When you hear something from a 3rd party, please remember that it may not be true.  Take it with a grain of salt, and if the matter is important enough for you to truthfully know, then ask the other person who’s directly involved.   Also, if you have a matter to discuss with someone else, do it directly if at all possible.  Ensure that your words have the integrity of your character behind them.  Protect the other party, as well, by speaking to them directly.

Sometimes these things take more courage, preparation, and patience, but the pay off is that we won’t have to drink the violence of the chaos that would have otherwise transpired.  God supplies all our needs.  He equips us and He takes care of vengeance for us.  Let’s trust Him enough to allow Him to help us through all of our communications with others.  When you have prayed and confirmed that you really need to deliver that next message, allow the Holy Spirit to do the speaking.  He will help you through.

Hoping to keep my feet attached today,


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