Need a healing balm?

Pr. 16:24:  “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.” 

Friday was my birthday.  I’m like a little kid.  I love my birthday!  I always count down the days and no matter how old I am, I feel the same way each year.

I was surprised this year that when I woke up I felt sad.  I wasn’t sad about my birthday, but because of a situation that has presented itself in my life.  The reality of the situation hit me with great sadness on Friday and I just couldn’t shake it.  I was even teary-eyed….on my birthday!  (the nerve)

Well, I just couldn’t spend my birthday being sad.  It was My day, after all.  So, I turned to God.  I began to pray and I was led to Psalm 37 which had in it the exact words I needed.  The words I found there were the healing balm that I needed to soothe my saddened heart.  I rejoiced in God’s faithfulness and His might.  He reminded me that resting in Him and delighting myself in Him were the only things I needed to do.  He admonished me to remember that He does not forsake His saints.  I am not perfect, but I love the Lord, and I was revived as I read how He takes care of His children.

I was also texting my mom during this time, who gave me another scripture to look up.  Those verses brought back to my attention that God knew me before He formed me and that I was indeed created for a purpose.

The things of this life might look dim or dreary at times.  We may get hurt.  We may be spat upon or reviled.  We may even lose relationships with people with love dearly.  Regardless of what happens in this life, we have a Savior and loving Lord that upholds the righteous in His mighty hand.

God’s Word brings health to our bones.  I was rejuvenated after a time in the Word, prayer, and with the worship songs that came to mind during that time, as well.  The Holy Spirit brought a covering of comfort and peace and I was able to spend the rest of my day rejoicing in my Savior and celebrating my favorite day of the year.  🙂  My soul was once again feeling sweet.  Thank You, Lord!

If you are feeling sad, upset, hopeless, or in any way needing pleasant words to soothe your weary soul, please turn to the Lord.  He is ever faithful.  He will not leave you nor forsake you.  The things on this earth can definitely hurt, but this world is truly not our home.  We have eternal life ahead of us and He created us for a purpose that is much bigger than the things of this world.  He will generously pour out everything we need to fulfill the purpose for which we were created.  Trust in Him to keep His word, for those that wait on Him will inherit the earth.

Praying for you today,




2 thoughts on “Need a healing balm?

  1. See how amazing God is!?
    I typed this on my original post, but deleted it:

    I had a different verse I really wanted to use this morning, but God would not let me get away from this verse. I told Him I would use this verse if He would give me the words to say.

    He is always with us! Thank you, Lord, for Your faithfulness!!


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