There is a guide for your path

Pr. 8:1-2:  “Does not wisdom cry out, and understanding lift up her voice?  She takes her stand on the top of the high hill, beside the way, where the paths meet.”

“where the paths meet.”  Yesterday we talked about the path.  See that we are not alone?  Wisdom cries out from the top of the hill, where the paths meet.  Wisdom and understanding are there when we are at the point of deciding which path to take.  They cry out to us.

When we are consumed with our desires and with sin sometimes we push their cries to the back of our minds, but we always hear them.  I have heard them.  Their voice is distinguishable from all others as it cries out!  Truly God always gives us a way out.

Knowing now that they are truly there crying out to us, can we continue to ignore the truth they speak?  When you are deciding between having your fill of your desires or presenting yourself as a sacrifice before the Lord, and you hear their cry, let this verse remind you of the final stop on the path to your eternal home.

Let their cry bring to mind the worship of the angels in heaven.  Let their words remind you of your loving Savior calling out your name.   One day we will worship in heaven if only we listen to wisdom and understanding now.  We listen to the world, to the unsaved, to teachers, authors, musicians, and employers…all that is rubbish compared to wisdom who was with the Lord as He assigned the sea its limit.

Oh, please don’t ignore the guide.  He knows where the pitfalls are, the wild animals are waiting, and where path lets out.  Let’s follow His lead in faith.

Listening carefully,



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