And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? Ro. 10:14

Ro. 10:15:  “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” 

There are still some on this earth who have not heard of Jesus.  There are others who have heard of a different kind of Jesus than the One who loved His children so much that He willingly came to this earth, took on our sins, and died on the cross for our salvation.  Some have heard of a Jesus who demands perfection and shuns those who do not conform to religious practices.

2 nights ago I sat around a table with a group of people who preach the Word through love.  They live the gospel and it is evident in their lives.  They do not go out and slap people with a Bible or remind people of their imperfections and sins.  They are ordinary people who simply show the love of Jesus through their actions, pray, and humbly offer the Word through lives of integrity.

They bring glad tidings of good things to those they serve, and indeed their feet are beautiful.  I know about their feet because I have not only walked side by side with them, but I can see their footprints.  They are leaving a mark of love on this earth in the name of Jesus Christ.

Recently they gave up several weeks of their lives to work for the Lord.  They touched countless lives, but in particular, they brought the love of Christ to one man.  This man had been shunned by the church.  He was constantly reminded about his imperfections and love was no longer being offered to him by his brothers and sisters in Christ.

My friends went to help him with some physical work, but what they gave him in the end was the true love of Christ.  They offered him a Savior that loves us as we are.  They reminded him of a Savior who died for us “while we were yet sinners.”  These servants also reminded the people of the church and the community that the love of Jesus is for everyone and that it was not their right to withhold it from someone they deem unworthy.

Not one of us is without sin.  Not one of us is worthy of salvation.  That is why we have a Savior.  Our Savior came to cover us with His blood so they we could be counted worthy.  Praise God!!

You may not be able to always reach those who have never heard of Jesus, although I hope you look for opportunities to witness.  However, most of us know people who are hurting, and those who live in constant condemnation. How shall they believe in a God who loves unconditionally unless they have heard?  Maybe today is the day when you can introduce someone to the real Jesus Christ.  Maybe today you can humbly share what the love of God truly looks like.  Maybe today you can bring some refreshing and much-needed glad tidings.  🙂

People need a Savior.  Introduce them to yours today.

Let’s leave some beautiful footprints,


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